First, Know Your Elephant

To be truthful, I only know the broad generalities:  elephants are matriarchial, have funerals, can be very violent, have a pretty rough lot in todays world.

To me, elephants are solid, dependable, surprising, caring, and apparently wise (why else would they have some many wrinkles!).

What is my elephant?  People tell me listening, caring, getting past the fluff to the bones of the matter.

There is violence – drowning, smothering, disappearing.

I have much to learn about my elephant.




Justine Lee Musk at Tribal Writer has a great post up of ego vs soul.  A few highlights:

The ego is about image.
The soul is about authenticity.

The ego can’t take constructive criticism.
The soul seeks it out and welcomes it.

Yes! The words feel right!   Nailed!  I especially like this:

The ego tries to control the message.
The soul trusts the message to take on a life of its own.

I’m working working working to have faith in the soul to take on the message.  Well done and thank you for sharing Justine!

Human Being or Human Doing?

I have slow days. Possibly known as lazy days, days where I get very little accomplished (although I’m convinced I’m incubating something). The dishes don’t get done, the forms aren’t edited, the dogs aren’t walked. I have great reasons for these days: today, it’s because the high temperature was (-5 F). Yes, if you are from South Dakota you think that’s normal. I am not from and have never lived in South Dakota.

The trouble with lazy days is I feel awfully guilty. I’m wasting my life, I’m not earning money or building muscles or cleaning house or working towards world peace! I’m just… incubating.

I was once asked if I was a human being or a human doing. More and more I like that question. I am so often a human doing; a very active human doing! Sometimes, I like simply human being.

Tomorrow I can go back to human doing.

Perhaps someday I will find a balance.

On purpose for no reason

On purpose for no reason I avoid writing.  It scares me – I don’t have anything to say – It isn’t the write time -I need to read first -The can of tuna is calling.

On purpose for no reason I save ideas, have folders of drafts and first writes and then earn money by doing something involving the scientific method or perhaps just lots of blood.

On purpose for no reason I take a step closer to myself then shuffle back slightly; the shuffle of one who is afraid of a mouse.

On purpose for no reason I bark to go out but when the door is open I only look out for a moment then return to the couch where I curl up in a ball, hiding my nose under my tail.

Future self replies

Remember the raven?  It held onto the branch with its claws and spun around and around, like a gymnast on the high bar.  It laughed the whole time… up, down, around and around.

Play play play play play!  Jump as far as you can in the sand; throw snowballs, the street fairy going to the street fair, Little Red Riding Hood is 6’5″ and wearing size 13.  Chase the ducks, run after the bone, stalk the block of snow because it is a rabbit.  Step on shadows, there is a snake under the keyboard, the official Ford Explorer is covered in pink bows.  French manicure shooting a 300 Magnum, run ahead and use the forked tree as a stand.  Free the Skink and Save the Skeet!  Give 23 cents away on the 23rd – cock diesel!  Taunt the lightning gods and roar for the lightning; torch a tree; roll the bottles off the roof – will they break is a gamble!  People don’t fly, cars are real and fire is hot  – check out the bugs!  Goofy, Fuzzy, ice, rugby, wrestling, the 4Runner is duct tape colored, the M&M is sad, he remembers where and when he found that fork bracelet.

Play and Laugh!  The Raven is going round and round.


“I just want it to be August,” I said to the Opossum.  The Opossum understood and suddenly it was August and perfect.

I always want it to go straight to August.  But Opossums are far and few between… and I think late April and early May is a sweet time, really, not to be rushed past.  I love the comfort and ease of August but I suspect there is value for me in being patient and not rushing May.  In my head it is easy but in my heart it is much more difficult and scary.


“Risk taking is a good life skill.”

And what counts as true risk is individual.