Manifestation and a Belated Valentine

As a kid I kept journals on and off. I would write, stop writing, and then some big life BANG! would happen and I would go back to my journals and read what I had written in the past.

The beginning of postcards to myself.

Repeatedly I experienced writing “I want xxx” or “I wish xxx” and then finding that the desire came true. Sometimes it would be spooky just how true.

For instance, many years ago I wrote: I want someone like Hans Solo.  Within a year, I was with someone who thought he was Hans Solo (in a good way, not a crazy way).  It turns out I didn’t want to date Hans Solo (I’m not nearly as proper as Princess Leia).

The picture at the top of this post is a piece of a dream board.  The board was about love and home; I specifically mention wanting children in my life, wanting a potential soul mate, wanting to write (I included a picture of my favorite writer, Pam Houston) and of course, many images of mountains and freedom.

I made the board and hung it next to my bed.  In time, I found a mouse free house (with a fireplace!) and a wonderful man with three children came to me.

I am the generation that has grown up with The Secret and the idea of intention.  I’m not fond of these concepts in popular media.  But I do believe that one can create her life.  Not everyone does it through words or pictures, but give it a try.

As for the Valentine; sweetie, thank you for coming to my life and I love discussing the price of eggs and the meaning of life and the kitchen sink with you!


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