Why, yes – That Bunny is Standing on Her Head.

I’ve been told I’m too serious.

Chill out! Relax! Just watch some TV, they say.

And you know what?

(I think it’s true!)

Sometimes something happens that I just can’t let go of. I think and turn and think – analysis paralysis. I’m a dog working the fluffy stuffed lamb to get the squeaker out.  I might as well stand on my head and simply hope the answers to everything falls in.  My brain desperately wants a reason, a why, closure, an epilogue that tells where everything ends up.

Rule 86.3 of Life:   There is not always a squeaker. By the time epilogues come you don’t really care anymore.

I’m consciously working on accepting that I can’t necessarily solve it all tonight or even this month; it will take years and if I don’t stop gnawing at it I’m going to end up with rough spots in my mouth.

Relax and Enjoy.


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