I Stumbled Across the Meaning of Life

There are graphic artists with one-eyed dogs who have been attacked by coyotes that are willing to write “I stumbled across the meaning of life” on a piece of art and sell it.

It’s true – he lives in Chicago. When flying from Madrid to Denver but getting stuck in a snowstorm in Chicago, decide to see The Blue Man Group, but since you are a cheap skate take the shuttle from the hotel (that you have to pay for, since airlines won’t pay for hotels when the delay is due to weather) back to the airport, then sort of figure out the El.  Get off at the most confusing intersection ever:  somehow it is an intersection of six streets and all the street signs could easily be referring to two or more streets.

Enter a graphic arts shop thinking you will ask directions; the plan is to walk to the theatre.  Since you are considering moving to Spain and need information on taking your dogs across the ocean, check out the “pet passports” for sale.  Talk with the shop owner/artist; talk about his work, Spain, Chicago, dogs.  Notice the print that says “I stumbled across the meaning of life; ” notice how perfect it is for the time-space continuum you are currently in.  Buy the print on the spur of the moment; enjoy the feelings of contentment, grace, joy it gives you in the future as you look at it.

Accept his offer to go to dinner and then be dropped off at the theatre.  You wouldn’t usually agree to get into a car in a strange large city with a man you have just met.  But you have met his dog who is one-eyed after a fight with a coyote.  Having two special needs dogs yourself, you are certain he isn’t an axe murderer.  How could someone with a one-eyed dog be an axe murderer?  At least this is what you tell your friends later.  Besides, it’s an incredible thing to put the meaning of life on a piece of art and then sell it.

Enjoy dinner.  Watch the Blue Men.  Be happy that the good flow is continuing even as you are west of the Atlantic; hooray, the good flow is not trapped to the east!  Return to the Colorado mountains with a mixed sense of sadness and ending coupled with rebirth and joy.


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