Human Being or Human Doing?

I have slow days. Possibly known as lazy days, days where I get very little accomplished (although I’m convinced I’m incubating something). The dishes don’t get done, the forms aren’t edited, the dogs aren’t walked. I have great reasons for these days: today, it’s because the high temperature was (-5 F). Yes, if you are from South Dakota you think that’s normal. I am not from and have never lived in South Dakota.

The trouble with lazy days is I feel awfully guilty. I’m wasting my life, I’m not earning money or building muscles or cleaning house or working towards world peace! I’m just… incubating.

I was once asked if I was a human being or a human doing. More and more I like that question. I am so often a human doing; a very active human doing! Sometimes, I like simply human being.

Tomorrow I can go back to human doing.

Perhaps someday I will find a balance.


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