Future self replies

Remember the raven?  It held onto the branch with its claws and spun around and around, like a gymnast on the high bar.  It laughed the whole time… up, down, around and around.

Play play play play play!  Jump as far as you can in the sand; throw snowballs, the street fairy going to the street fair, Little Red Riding Hood is 6’5″ and wearing size 13.  Chase the ducks, run after the bone, stalk the block of snow because it is a rabbit.  Step on shadows, there is a snake under the keyboard, the official Ford Explorer is covered in pink bows.  French manicure shooting a 300 Magnum, run ahead and use the forked tree as a stand.  Free the Skink and Save the Skeet!  Give 23 cents away on the 23rd – cock diesel!  Taunt the lightning gods and roar for the lightning; torch a tree; roll the bottles off the roof – will they break is a gamble!  People don’t fly, cars are real and fire is hot  – check out the bugs!  Goofy, Fuzzy, ice, rugby, wrestling, the 4Runner is duct tape colored, the M&M is sad, he remembers where and when he found that fork bracelet.

Play and Laugh!  The Raven is going round and round.


One response to “Future self replies

  1. Unsinkable

    Today I found someone else’s note to their future self. It was a sticky note, attached to a roll of duct tape. The note, in capital letters, said, “Plan B.”

    As if to imply, “Should something go amiss, Future, we are providing This: the Morning After Tape.”

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